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”Atomic” written by Jan Johansen & Alan Roy Scott

There’s a trinity of tracks that need a particular pointing out. ‘Let Go’‘Atomic’, and ‘So Touchable’. We say that because they’re the most instant, they’re the most poptastic!

I was asked by Peter Sahlin CEO, A&R HITWORKS AB / STARLAB PUBLISHING to write a song for the Swedish artist NEO. I just jumped right on it. I listened to his earlier work and desided I wanted to go for a larger then life electronic style for him. Not too ”Depeche-Dark” (though I love Depeche) I wanted to bring the 80’s back with a modern twist. I knew right away that I wanted a chorus with falsetto vocals. That’s a NEO trade mark. I came up with”Atomic” and wrote som cool-sounding lyrics. The words didn’t make no sence though. I recently met Alan Roy Scott who visited Stockholm. Alan is a top Hollywood songwriter and music producer, who brings a 20-year career in the music business to enrich Greenstar’s digital culture project. Would he help me out with the lyrics? I played him my demo and he thought the song was great and jumped on it. A couple of days later he mailed me the finished lyrics and I recorded them right away on my Mac Book. I sent the demo to Peter Sahlin and Neo and they loved it. The producer Tobias Jonsson built the song up from scratch but had access to all my files and backup vocals. (I’m still on there doing the robot-voice  Neo went in and recorded some killer vocals on it. I was really amazed when I got a early version of the new version. It sounded better then I could emagine. The album and the song got a great review at  Scandipop.co.uk

Look At Me Dance 2010 (Se På Mej) Remix by Jan Johansen

Nytt album ”En Ny Bild Av Mig”

Ny Singel: Till Dig

Album: ”En Ny Bild Av Mig” släpps 8 september.

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