Lev i kärlek

19 augusti, 2013 | 0 kommentarer | Kategorier: Blogg, Tord Sand

Live in love!
Love the life you live!


Seen thrue the eyes of love, all beings are beautiful.

All deeds are dedicated,all thoughts are innocent.

The world is one vast kin!

All thoughts must be full of Love.

Each syllable must be spoked in Love.

The vision must be in Love.

This is Divine Love.

Love is God, live in Love.

Love lives by giving, and forgiving; self lives by getting and forgetting.

Love is selfless-ness, selfish-ness is loveless-ness.

Understand that the purpose of life is to know the embodiment of Love, namely God,

through Love, and demonstrate through your own Love, that you have known God.

Love does not watch through the eyes; it knows the heart. Love does not hear through the ears;

it listen with peace. Love does not talk with words, but with compassion.

Love, because it is your nature to Love, because you know nothing else, because you can not act otherwise than Love Expand yourself, take in all!

The universe around us is a pleasant garden. God dances in that garden, as his own handiwork, be full of joy and Love.


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