Kay Pollak

Kay Pollak is not only a famous Swedish Film Director but has also been lecturing in many different work environments all over Sweden for more than 20 years. He is one of the countries most coveted coaches. He speaks about the power in the personal meeting, about communication and personal growth. Kay tells how we can give up accustomed conceptions and see problems as challenges. He is a master in teaching how to find the power in our own thoughts.

Jan Johansen

Jan has taken part in the Swedish national Song Contest three times. He won 1995 with the song ”Se på mig” (Look at me) and honoured us with a third position in the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. He came back in 2002 with ”Sista andetaget” (The last brieth) which became a great radio hit. In 2003 he sang the song ”Let your spirit fly” together with Pernilla Wahlgren. The list of his song carreer can be written very long. He is one of Sweden´s most famous artists who can sing anything from hardrock to ballads.

Michael Södermalm

Michael is one of the most well-reputed lecturers in Sweden within the fields mental training, winning tools and motivation. He supports medalwinners from the Olympic Games and companies to increase business.

Babben Larsson

Famous Swedish Entertainer. Babben had the mail role in ”Den stora Vreden” (The big Anger). She played in ”Cabaret” in 1998 and she played the role of Mrs Florence Foster Jenkins in ”Obesvarad Kärlek” (Unreturned love) in 2009.

Stand-up comedy 1988-1998. As from 2005 she also has courses in Stand-Up.

She is a motivational speaker and coaches about health, stress and nervous prostration.

Mikael Andersson

Many people in Sweden saw the documentary about Mikael Andersson and wondered how it can be possible to move forward in life, the way he does, without arms and legs. Where comes the force from? Where does he find his goal-oriented attitude and his catching smile?

Brandon Bays

Brandon is one of the most dynamic and innovative teachers of mind and body healing. She is well-know for her warmth, attention and spontaneous humour.

Sanna Ehdin

Sanna is a motivational speaker and author to twelve books that have been sold in 800.000 copies. Nine of the books have been translated into other languages (the last one into Persian). Sanna has inspired more than 100.000 people in over 450 lectures about self-healing, health and lifestyle changes.

Martin Lidberg

Martin is today a certified xxxxx and certified NLP coach. A part from his education he has also a lot of experience from sport which is very useful in his work. He has been coaching himself and many others for many years.

Zarah Öberg

Zarah is one of Sweden´s most famous experts in the field of food and health. She writes for many Swedish health magazines and is often hired as a speaker and educator about Raw Food, sugar addiction, alimentation, environment, change of lifestyle and about how you can feel better and stronger in an easy way.

Michela Castellari

Michela has a blog about her feelings, thoughts and about what she does. According to Michela she lives a rich life as a mother, woman and entrepreneur From family evenings in front of the TV to a nice date. She describes herself as a simple but complicated person with the ”glimpse in the eye”. Somebody has described her with the words: ”Somebody who is both superficially easygoing and deep and exploring, proper and temptable.

Debbi Doughty

Debbi is a certified Fitness Trainer. She is currently certified as a Fitness Trainer through ISSA (International Sports Science Association), a Group Exercise Instructor through B-Fit University (Bally’s Total Fitness), LifeStyle & Weight Management Specialist through NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association), CPR and AED Certified through AHA (The American Heart Association), and recently certified in AthleKinetix (through AthleKinetix) and Pilates Intermediate through NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association).

Olof Röhlander

Olof is a certified motivational Coach and has a background as an elite ping-pong player. He has been mental coach for the Swedish Ping-pong team, Örgryte Football team and he has been the President of the Swedish national organization for mental coaches. In January 2010 Olof was nominated as the Motivational speaker of the year 2009. He has also written the book ”Det blir alltid som man tänkt sig” (Things always get what we want them to be).

Göran Olaison

Acupuncture is a scientifically documented form of treatment and is equal to other forms of treatment in the traditional medicine. The treatment does not hurt and Göran has accomplished very good results where other treatments have failed. All kinds of pain are treated at his surgery in a nice atmosphere.

Teresa M Rask

Teresa is an Economist, Coach, Inspirator and Advisor in human leadership. Even though Teresa is an Economist she rarely talks about figures but mostly about our brain, wisdom and heart. When talking about communication, relations and leadership she stresses that we are our own leaders and can decide about our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Per Ingvar Kopp

Per-Ingvar is a very successful chiropractor who has achieved great results in fields where other have failed we at Sundlivsstil warmly recommend him.

Sune Johansson

We are happy to have Sune at SundLivsstil who can advise our readers. He has a long experience in the field of physical therapy. He supports Elfsborg football team since they need a good expert to keep the injuries on a low level.

Lovisa Ryding

Lovisa is a biomedichal analyser and PT. She is also a singing mother who keeps the body, soul and life on top level.

Michael Brinkenstjärna

Michael became a member in Discocompany 1st july in 1983. He has, since the start as a DJ in 1980, done about 5.200 gigs (about 200/year). The breakthrough came in 1992 with the goldselling single “Vart ska vi sova inatt”. Between 1988-1994 he was one of the most hired DJ´s.

Andreas Cahling

Andreas Cahling

Andreas Cahling was born and raised in Sweden. He began weight training to improve his strength for wrestling and judo when he was just twelve!

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